Thursday, August 12, 2010

words and stuff

My friend KY has a list of words she hates and it has always made me laugh every time I here one of them. I won't list them all(as there are many) but top contenders are; skillet, moist, slacks(those last two should never be used together), ointment, davenport?... the list goes on. Why these words??? I will admit the word slacks is gross and they should be called pants or trousers but is it the way they sound or the picture they make in your mind? My language issues come from common sayings like, what is up with "I could care less"?? I don't get it. What I think it means is that you don't give a shit. That you simply don't care. So when you say "I could care less" that means there is an actual amount that you can care less than you do right now. So you are saying it wrong! In Australia people say "I couldn't care less" which makes sense... right. Because when you say that, it means you care so little about something there is no less to care. So why, why, why? I don't get it. And I shocking as this may seem it bugs the hell out of me! There is another one that irks me equally as much and is heavily used by my idol Martha "each and every one of you". Aarrrg what! Each of you means all of you and every one of you means all of you so isn't it kind of redundant. "Huge big", "very unique"and the list goes on. Oh and my personal favorite irregardless. NOT a word. Any way I am not sure why I got on this rampage but irregardless it is a huge big irritation to me each and every day but you could care less. So I am going to change my moist slacks before I need some ointment.

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