Friday, August 27, 2010


So for years I have made fun of hippies, no really the only jokes I know are hippie jokes. I just cant stand them. The tie dye, dreadlocks, drum circles, twirling girls, patchouli stench, dirty feet, excess armpit hair... I can't keep going it is making me ill. But a while back a very good friend accused me of being a hippie. WHAT! I am for those of you who don't know me none of the things on the list above. NONE! Ick. But as I reflect on his brutal accusation I realize there may be some truth to it. I know! Seriously though he does have a point. I grow my own veggies, eat organic food, breast fed, recycle, drive a hybrid car... you get the picture. So I guess I am a hybrid hippie/yuppie. Uhh, Jasiu I am not happy but you are right!
For those of you who do dislike the hippies described above I recommend watching the South Park episode Die Hippie Die! Still my favorite. I think its funny that I would probably try to join Cartman in his persecution of the hippies but he would lock me up in the attic with all the others.
Anyway I have to go make vegetable dyes to tie dye my hybrid diapers so peace out... no really.

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