Bake gallery

Kids Cakes

Strawberry Cake with strawberry swiss meringue buttercream
Banana cake with chocolate buttercream

Red velvet cake with vanilla buttercream

White cake and swiss meringue buttercream

Strawberry cake, strawberry buttercream and crushed graham crackers
Strawberry, strawberry...
Chocolate cake, vanilla buttercream... Stegosaurus
Red velvet cake, lemon poppy seed cake, buttercream

Hummingbird cake with cream cheese frosting

White cake, custard filling, vanilla buttercream... the grave stones are cookies dipped in white chocolate

White cake with buttercream...

Grown-up Cakes

Red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting and white chocolate

Sponge with vanilla whipped cream
Old fashioned fruit flan

Cookie town

I love making gingerbread houses

Christmas Central

Tea for 6 yr olds is fun

Butterflies and flowers

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