Sunday, August 1, 2010


No one ever really likes change I guess its how you cope with it that makes all the difference. I have spent a lot of my time lately thinking about this subject because I have recently undergone some huge and unsettling changes which I admit freely I have not done my best to deal with. In the past 6 months my family uprooted ourselves form our very nice life in Seattle and moved our butts all the way to the very tip of Long Island. Big deal right! Did I mention I was 8 months pregnant? Which comes to change number two... new baby! Then we decided to move house again on my due date. Yes we are crazy.
So now we have been in the new lovely big farm house for 3 months and there are still boxes in almost every room of the house. This is my way of not dealing with the fact that I don't really like it here. Don't get me wrong it is a very nice place. If you can overlook the litter! 
Back to not dealing with change again. One way to deal with change is to not compare the new thing with the old thing. That is where you get in to trouble. You see if we had had a shit life in our former city then things would be dreamy here but alas we had a great life. Awesome friends, great neighbors, a cute house, beautiful garden, great stores to shop at, clean green city. We do not yet have these things and some we can't have here. So the question is can we live without them? I do miss the cleanness of Seattle and the fact that people put away their shopping carts. I miss drive through espresso stands and the weather. Laugh all you will but there has been more inches of rain here so far this year than a whole year in Seattle and it is only July! Any way back to change. My husband and I have always joked that we are not very good with change. But it is true. He worked for the same restaurant for 10 years! Have you ever heard of such a thing? So when we do make changes we do them big. Maybe that is why we don't like change!? So as we settle in I look at my 4 yr old and think what are we teaching her? How not to cope with big life changes. Soooo change it is otherwise you are stuck in the day to day of life and you never go any where or do anything. I am hoping to help her make a whole new set of friends and maybe she will help me make some too. 
Everything changes but most things are gradual,  like how your kids grow or your ass expands or your hair goes grey. You buy a new car and then it is an old car. Suddenly you are shopping for school stuff or now I have to buy clothes for my daughter in the big kids section not the section where the sizes are Baby - 5yrs. My usually very active mum can't do half the stuff she wants. When did that happen? So I am changing my attitude about change. Well I'm gonna try. So I wait for the next inevitable change... the leaves and the seasons. At least I know what to expect with that one (insert emoitcon here).
Embrace the change!

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