Sunday, August 22, 2010

mom groups... are they for you???

Wow I never thought I would be in a moms group probably due to my cynical nature and previous inability to warm up to people quickly. Well that has changed!!! When "they" say having kids changes you believe it. I definitely became a lot more friendly?? Not that I was totally unfriendly I was just happy with the friends I had and didn't really bother makng new ones. Then along comes polkadot and suddenly I am talking to total strangers in the park!!!  And now... moms groups. I had always had a somewhat skeptical impression of these groups but had many friends that joined them. My friend Ang swore by her PEPS group and I would just listen and think really?! Why? But she loved it. It is just so curious to me that we would join a group based only on the fact we reproduced. Anyone can do that! Its not like joining a group where you have common interests say a sport team(I would never do that) or common values like a church. But for the love of our kids we join. And are exposed to new and interesting people and sometimes not. But what do you do if there is a "bad" or unappealing mom in the group? Not that I have had this experience but wouldn't it be awful if someone turned up smoking and reeking of liquor to a playdate at the park. I secretly wish that would happen so I can write about it. But so far all the moms I have met have been charming, non smoking and sober. Boring! Only kidding. Hopefully some of these playdates will produce some lasting friendships for me and my kids. For right now at least we have something to do and someone to do it with.

I would love to hear any thoughts about this.

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  1. I love groups where there is a topic at hand... babies, books, spirituality. It allows me to socialize and get to know people without the pressure of small talk. I've met some really special people through Aidan and Zane and I just love the fact that our whole family has made meaningful connections via the friends our kids make. Thankfully, I like all of them. I love building a community around the kids... I think we will all be healthier for it. I remember our socially-awkward and shy Wallingford neighbor said that having kids has allowed him to have a social life he never would initiate on his own.