Friday, August 6, 2010


I have recently rejoined the world of dating, not the kind you are thinking. Mom dates. I had my first blind date ever a few days ago and thankfully it went great. My daughter Poppy came home from pre school with a note from the teacher that said another little girl had asked her mom to set up a play date. So I called and boom... blind mom date. Huh. Really it was a play date for our girls but since it was the first I stayed and hung out. Lucky for us it was great. I am not sure it will always be like that when she meets other kids and wants to do play dates. You can't really count on the fact your kids will like kids that have parents you get along with. Then I was talking to some other moms who have encountered the same situation and yes they jokingly call them dates. It was funny because they were saying things like, "should I call", "is is too soon". Seems a little too familiar. So we are at the point in life where our kids are the ones choosing our friends for us. Lucky my daughter has good taste.


  1. I love this! I've met some really great people through my kids. There is something so wonderful about connecting with the people that your child wants to connect with. Everyone is happy.

  2. Great blog! Glad I found it and am looking forward to following it and getting some great ideas and recipes for all my nieces and nephews!