Friday, October 22, 2010


Ok so over the past few years the recall syndrome has become an epidemic. At first there were some real concerns with the recalled merchandise. I know I would not want my kids playing with toys that have lead paint or mercury. But yesterday we have a recall of a stroller because if you dont put the seat belt on the baby they can slip out and be strangled by the tray. Well put the F@*ing seatbelt on your baby idiot!!!!!!!! Really? Are we all just so ready to blame other people for our own misfortunes that when a piece of equipment is used irresponsibly the company who made it is to blame. Gosh I think I will go out and have a car accident and blame it on Toyota because they don't have a proximity alarm on the car. Sorry but ugh it is so stupid. There was a crib recall because when people reassembled they put it together wrong or didn't tighten the screws enough and the child could slip down the side and get caught. Not faulty equipment! And the highchair that had these little bumps on the back to store the tray... well apparently if one of these is broken you can get a nasty cut on your leg. DUH.We are living in a world where accountability is transferred away from the user to the companies that make stuff. All I see is user error. I feel terrible for the families who have lost a beloved child to one of these horrible freak accidents. I can only begin to imagine the grief they are living with. It is all to easy to blame someone else when you feel this way. But in most cases it was used wrong.
The only reason most of this stuff is recalled is because the manufacturers know people will use it incorrectly and they don't want to get sued. So to cover their ass recall it. Then if another child dies well it is not their responsibility. Sad. Sad when a child dies.
Anyway check your gear to make sure it is safe and please use it as directed by the manufacturers instructions.

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