Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Best Dinner

When done right roast chicken is the perfect meal. Crisp skin, succulent meat, potatoes cooked in the pan, great leftovers. It is a perfect meal for a family on a budget. If you cook it like my grandma then you have a crispy delicious chicken with potatoes, carrots, pumpkin or butternut squash and onions all roasted together to a delicious, crunchy, roasty, deliciousness that cannot be beat. Then you make gravy in the pan and smother your food in it. YUM. But what I like about it is tomorrow, there will be chicken salad or enchiladas or even just plain cold chicken. Then you can use the carcass (I hate that word) and make soup. Yep 3 meals at least. Wow all from one chicken. It is like a super chicken. Someone once asked me if I could have any meal, any where and drink any thing what would it be. My answer was "the perfect roast chicken", Puligny Montrachet, anywhere in the south of France. I went in to great detail about all the other accompaniments and of course the wine but that is for another day. In a nut shell roast chicken is the best...

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