Friday, June 3, 2011

Chickens...I really have gone mad.

About 12 weeks ago I decided I was going to get the chickens I have been longing to have now for several years. Things were coming along just fine. We had 4 pretty little chicks. Buffy, Pearl, Aster, and Clementine.

They grew fast and were a nice distraction for Poppy. Yes, here is where the BUT comes in...ROOSTER alert. So we go to the lovely chicken man and he switches out the rooster for another hen. OK. Well he talks me in to taking another chicken home in addition to the 2 babies I picked up the week before. So I go from 4 to 7... eeek. Adding Daisy, Cleopatra and Rosebud.
Anyway then we have the week from hell. We get home with our not rooster and our new other chicken Daisy. And not home 10 mins when the 5yr old walks in with a limp after much screaming and crying and a long bout of hysterics we bury the new chicken. Oh boy. I guess avoiding the death talk when the fish died is a mute point now. 2 days later I go to check on the babies only to find another limp chicken which I try to revive to no avail. So now 2 dead chickens.
What am I thinking?
SO the 5yr old is now super protective of the remaining chickens and well I have just decided that chickens are as low as they can be on the food chain and pretty much everything eats them. So I hope for the best. They are really cute. And I cant wait to get eggs. Our eggs will be in a rainbow of colors. We have 1 blue layer, 1 pink, 1 speckled, 2 brown and 2 white. I hope they will taste as good as they will look.
If you want to give your kids a lesson in life and death I guess chickens is the way to go. And they get to learn about where their food comes from. Love it!

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  1. We hav e a huge raccoon that stalks our chickens... We've taken to pad locking the coop at night. It's fun,, and we love them! Enjoy chicken parenthood!! Can't wait to see the pictures once they start laying! How exciting