Sunday, September 19, 2010

off to shool

While other moms cry their eyes out I am thinking about having a party!!!!!! Back to school makes my daughter and me so happy. She just loves school and I love it too. Its only pre K but she loves it. I love the time with my new baby because it is the only time I have alone with him. I feel so bad for the moms who miss their kids and admittedly the first time I ever dropped Pop off at pre school I was so surprised how much I missed her. It is so funny. The same thing happened the first time I went back to work after she was born. The amount we miss our kids is sometimes equal to the amount we want to get a break from them. But I relished those few hours at work when I could talk to grownups. Work was my favorite day. I am not sure the way I will feel when she starts kindergarten but I might just be one of those moms with tears in her eyes at the door. Probably. I guess we will see.

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