Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas crafts...

I found this on pinterest (Paper Plate Trees) and it looked like the perfect quick, fun, inexpensive craft to do with my kids. And it delivered. We pretty much had all the stuff around the house. You can use almost anything for this one. The main item you will need is some paper plates and green paint (unless you can find green plates), you will also need some glitter or glitter glue and ornamenty type items. The one piece of advise I will give is if you plan on hanging it as a garland like we did then put your ribbon/string up first then attach the trees. It will be much easier that way.

You will need:
paper plates
green paint
glitter or glitter glue
various pom poms for the ornaments
we also used some sparkly pipe cleaners
a stapler 
some ribbon
Paint the plates and when they are dry cut them into quarters. Let the kids decorate however they want. 
I stapled the trees to the ribbon. Again I hung the ribbon then stapled the trees on so I could place them evenly and the right way around. If you attach them first you will find it impossible to hand all the trees facing out. 

Good luck. Embrace the glitter. 

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