Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Bamboo baby

There is a bit of a baby boom happening in my family right now and I like to be a little creative about the gifts I give. I especially love to make things for people and I recently saw some lovely dishcloths on pinterest That got me thinking... dishcloth/washcloth same thing. I found some beautiful bamboo/cotton blend yarn and decided to make these little treasures. I made a darling little hat to but I forgot to take a picture so when I make the next one I will include a pattern.
For the crocheters out there this is 2 different patterns.
One is a single crochet with a band of single crochet all the way around. The other is alternating rows (row 1) single crochet, double crochet, (row 2) single crochet. Then a band of single crochet all the way around the edge. I have never written a crochet pattern so I might attempt it but if you know the basics of crochet this should make sense to you. Also if you google crochet washcloths or dishcloths about 10 million patterns will come up. My husband would also like everyone to know I crocheted and pulled these apart about 10 times before I got the look I was going for. I love the way these look with the natural colours and the simple textures. They were unbelievably soft. The mummy to be loved them too. Her sister is also pregnant so I will be making some more very soon.

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