Monday, February 21, 2011

Some days are just harder than others... right!?

So we have pretty much been the luckiest parents ever when it comes to sleeping, and crying. Both kids not criers and big sleepers... 9 months so far! BUT
Last night went something like this

8:59pm Poppy goes to sleep (2 hours late)
10:30 baby wakes
12:00 Awakened by Poppy screaming (growing pains)now she is in my bed
1:30ish Awakened by husband coming home
2:30 Awakened by baby(teething)
3:15 baby sleeps
4:30 awakened by baby again (keep in mind it takes me at least 30 mins to get back to sleep)
6:30 awakened by Poppy who wants breakfast, wakes baby.
8:30 first huge knockdown crazy tantrum. (wrong pancakes)
10:30 second huge tantrum(I moved the candy)
1:30 next crazy tantrum (I moved her shadow!?)
4:30 WHAT!... another freaking huge tantrum(I made the wrong dinner, which she loved once she ate it)
Still up (10:00pm) after doing groceries, crafts, making bread, 3 loads of laundry and 3 bathrooms. Just finished dishes. Pop. Yes that was the sound of a bottle of bubbly wine which I will now try not to drink all of. Hehe. We decided at bedtime tonight that instead of getting mad and using "yucky" voices we would just stop when we felt annoyed and sing a funny song. Lets hope tomorrow brings a different set of challenges. Skida marink a dinky dink, skida marink idoo, I love you.

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